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Shawn is a singer/songwriter, and tribute artist from the metro St. Louis, Missouri area.  His musical influences come from a broad spectrum, from growing up in church, the early music from the 50's,and 60's,Elvis, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, to the rock of the 80's and 90's.  Shawn is very happy to release his first solo CD "Where I Am" a collection of songs written by Shawn about personal experiences through his life, and cover songs by artist he was inspired by or influenced by while recording. "Where I Am" can be downloaded on the music page by track or the entire cd.

Take your time to look around. Drop Shawn an email, listen to the music, and be sure to check out the "Man In Black" link, a website dedicated to Shawns staring role in the successful show tributing Johnny Cash produced by Brown Productions.
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